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I am a big fan of iNaturalist Desktop and App. iNaturalist is a bunch of field guides rolled into one; it is a great tool and resource that virtually anyone can make use of. Take it into the field, observe, identify, fall in love with the world around you. Be Curious. Be Amazed.

*Don't forget to have a strategy for hydration, exposure to the elements, ticks, chiggers, mosquitos, poison ivy/oak/sumac, etc...Tread Lightly. Be Prepared.

I was born in Karnes County, Texas, spent my early childhood in Kleburg, and Nueces County, Texas. I spent my late teens and early twenties in Nacogdoches County, Texas, and I have deep family ties to Bexar, Guadalupe, and Wilson Counties, Texas. I have lived in 6 of the 11 ecological regions of Texas: South Texas Brush Country, Edwards Plateau, Blackland Prairie, Oak Woods and Prairies, Piney Woods, and Gulf Coast Prairies and Marshes. My dad, who was a great lover of road trips, introduced me to hunting, fishing, camping, backpacking, canoeing, and all of the ecological regions of Texas, and beyond.

I spent a large portion of my adult life exploring the Intermountain West, from the Colorado Plateau to the Sierra Nevada. For many years I based my adventurneering out of Bend, Oregon, and Eugene, Oregon. I have a deep love and appreciation for the High Desert, the Ochoco Mountains, the Cascade Mountains, and the Willamette Valley of Oregon; I consider myself both a Texan, and an Oregonian, but the Blackland Prairies, Oak Woods and Prairies, and South Texas Brush Country of Bexar, Guadalupe, and Wilson, Counties are in my DNA.

I am currently basing my adventures out of Dallas, Texas. I enjoy world travel, mostly connecting with people in the developing world. I have traveled extensively in Spain, Morocco, and India. My profile picture was taken on North East India's border with Bangladesh in February, 2020. I'm looking forward to my next trip to India because iNaturalist is going to be a game changer. I have committed myself to prairie conservation and restoration; especially in the urban environment. I am an artist/painter, and am winding down a career in stagecraft and production management. I am a North Texas Master Naturalist, an Assistant Den Leader in Scouts BSA: Pack 1899, and an active member of First Unitarian Universalist Church of Dallas, Texas.

The cornerstone of my thought is Love Beyond Belief, and a deeply held personal belief in the Divinity of The Interconnected Web of All Existence. Take off your shoes, we are standing on holy ground.


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