Amanda Cogan Barber

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I'm a generalist naturalist, specializing in nothing but loving it all!!!!....with some much stronger interest in a few things such as bio-luminescence, fluorescence and phosphorescence....oh and I'm passionate about wildlife and landscape photography!! I love marine life and am currently learning to scuba dive... my partner is teaching me because from next year we will be sailing around the world on our Yacht for quite some time...3-5 years minimum, exploring land and sea both on and under, and will be recording and researching as much as we can using various methods for our own interest. We're open to taking on research, recording and photography work for others. I am already a volunteer with several conservation groups, organizations and trusts in various roles, and have training in certain areas such as searching for Great Crested Newts through various methods such as torchlight surveys, taking eDNA samples and I hold a Great Crested Newt License.

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