Luis Carlos Rodríguez Méndez

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My name is Luis but people call me Bolo and I'm 31. I live in Panama. I studied medicine at the Universidad de Panama.
I'm a medical doctor (Internal Medicine specialist) and I love medicine.
I'm also passionate about how physics tries to explains the macro and microcosmos and I like to learn languages.
I speak Spanish (mother tongue), English, French, and I'm learning latin.

I've always wondered the "real" name of living organisms and how are such organism related to one another.
I would say I have affinity for insects in general, but Lepidoptera are the ones I like the most.
After almost a year on iNat I've become focused on Phaegopterina, Ctenuchina and Euchromiina of America.

All my photos are taken with my personal phone (iPhone XR). For me that's part of the challenge and part of the fun. Sorry if the quality suffers too much.
Also I REALLY appreciate any feedback I get.

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