Hiromi kobori

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私は保全生物学を専門とする研究者です。また、City Nature Challenge 2018-Tokyoのマネジャーをしています。

I am a conservation biologist. I am a manager of City Nature Challenge 2018-Tokyo.
I had been involved in studies on marine microbial ecology in Tokyo Bay, Sagami Bay, the Japan Trench, the Pacific Ocean and Antarctica from 1972 to 1985. In Antarctica, I had been doing research on plasmids (cluster of genes located outside of chromosome in the bacteria cell) and enzymes of psychrophilic bacteria (cold loving bacteria). Then, I have been implemented study and conservation activities in tropical rainforest, rivers, Satoyama(complex rural ecosystem in Japan), and urban settings. Recently, my main focus is citizen science working together with citizens, students and various sectors in a community on climate change, invasive species, biodiversity, climate change and green infrastructure.

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