Katama Rose Murray

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Hi there! My name is Katama and I am from Blue Hill, ME, which is a small town in Midcoast Maine. I recently graduated with my BFA in Printmaking and minor in Art History from Plymouth State University in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This network and community was a tremendous aid in my my recent BFA Thesis project, where I was able to correctly identify and differentiate different species in order to incorporate accurate scientific data and information into my artwork. My work is inspired by nature and the constantly changing world around us, drawing ideas from how humans and nature coexist with one another. I also experiment with natural dyeing, eco printing, and cyanotype in my work, which consists of sustainably foraging and utilizing different plant and flower species to be used for those mindful and meditative processes. Certain types of plants yield different colors, shapes, and textures that last many years with the help of mordants on fabric or paper. By learning and sharing my own discoveries, both artistically and scientifically, I hope to inspire others to slow down and appreciate our sacred earth.

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