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As the son of a microbioligist, when it came to observing nature, I started small.

Now as an adult (more or less), I am a very enthusiastic amateur naturalist, focusing my interest primarily on New World Pitcher Plants (Sarraceniaceae). I grow them, and I photograph them in the wild whenever I'm able. Through this minor obsession, I've grown to appreciate the wider animal and plant communities in which these fascinating carnivorous plants exist: both carnivorous themselves (Dionaea, Drosera, Pinguicula, Utricularia) and not (native orchids, Ericaceae, Rhexia, Sabatia, Gentiana, etc.).

And, as a frustrated amateur landscape architect, I've begun the process of transforming my own habitat into a series of native plant gardens, and eagerly watching the ever-increasing wildlife that they attract. My observations here, to date at least, have been an attempt to identify (and document) the insects, amphibians and reptiles that reside around me.

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