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Viral taxonomist, currently working mainly on the Herpesviridae hosted by non-eutherian mammals.


Disease identified, but disease has multiple distantly related causal viruses
         Rose mosaicIlarvirus spp. and/or Nepovirus spp.
Disease unidentified
     Unidentified due to multiple identification candidates
         Circomacula ex Pelargonium
         Mosaic ex Prunus
         Mosaic ex Trifolium
     Unidentified due to absence of known identification candidates
         Circomacula ex Solanum mauritianum
         Circomacula-viridis ex Camellia
         Macula ex Prunus
         Macula ex Solanum
         Mosaic ex Fraxinus excelsior
         Mosaic ex Streptocarpus
         Vein chlorosis ex Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

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