Jackson Kusack

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Current quantitative ecologist/ornithologist pursuing my PhD at Western University. For my PhD research, I am investigating migration patterns of ducks in the Great Lakes region using stable isotopes. In general, my research interests fall within the category of conservation. My previous research has examine breeding success of Barn Swallows in a mixed agro-ecosystem looking at how agricultural intense crops influenced the body condition and diet of nestlings (Masters of Science in Biology, Western University - Thesis https://ir.lib.uwo.ca/etd/5900/).

I've been birding for almost a decade, but have only recently branched out into other taxonomic groups. Most of that time has been spent in southern Ontario, where most of my ecology knowledge is focussed. But I grew up in the Greater Vancouver Area and attended Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops BC for my undergraduate education, so I have some familiarity with Pacific northwest taxa. My recent obsession has been pollinators and other insects around London.

All of my photos, sounds, and observations are in the public domain and can be used for any purpose without giving me credit. Out of personal interest, I would appreciate being informed of any purpose to which my photos are put, but no obligation.

If you are looking for bird sightings, check out my ebird profile (https://ebird.org/profile/Njg4NDA0/CA) as I post any sightings there to avoid duplication of sightings. If I post a bird on here, it was usually while I wasn't recording an ebird checklist.

Research-grade Observations
Here are links to me research-grade observations, by taxa: Leps, Birds, Odes, Reptiles, and Amphibians

I try not to agree blindly with identifications that disagree with my own, or agree with anything that I haven't done independent reading/research on. Instead, if I doubt my own id, I tend to withdraw my id and make a note to take another look later once I have more information.

Noteworthy observations
Metapelma schwarzi (first inat record for Canada)
Oberea praelonga (first inat record for Ontario)
Trepobates inermis (first inat record for Ontario)
Callirhytis rubida (first inat record for Canada)
Genus Neopachygaster (first inat record for Canada)

Google Scholar https://scholar.google.ca/citations?user=Jp4XfkAAAAAJ&hl=en

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