David Anderson

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Thank you to all who make iNaturalist what it is. Amazing jobs. Well done.
Exploring never stops. Learning hopefully never stops.

Since I have started posting observations on iNaturalist my horizons have expanded quite a bit. I find myself looking at, and for, organisms that I have otherwise previously overlooked. In light of climate change it is important to record, and see, organisms that might not be here in 20-50 years, and to record organisms whose ranges are changing.

A big interest is the native Rhododendrons of Oregon, and the insects and fungi found on them, in addition to the impact of climate change on them. My ID numbers for Rhododendrons are high because I correct observations of so many garden hybrids that have been incorrectly identified. Anyone wanting to know more about rhododendrons growing in a garden somewhere should visit the American Rhododendron Society's webpage.

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