The Wannabe Naturalist™

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EUGENE L. BRILL is a landscape, nature, wildlife, and travel photographer and author. He is a wannabe naturalist and digital nomad. His passion is conservation and wilderness photography through the lens of an amateur naturalist. He does not hold a PhD in environmental science, botany, or another scientific field, however he is a dedicated student of nature, as well as an avid gardener, sustainable landscape designer, and photographer. Although Eugene does not speak with the vocabulary of taxonomic groupings, species, and genera, he can communicate clearly with “Joe Public” in language easy to understand—thanks to his MBA in business/marketing and mentoring of startup entrepreneurs. Eugene is constantly improving his photography skills and his ability to translate science into plain English. He loves to share knowledge and his photography, and he believes that Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD) is real, agreeing that “forest bathing” (fully clothed, of course . . . 😎) makes us happier, healthier, and more creative.

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