Doyeon Kim

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amateur malacologist/conchologist

I was born and raised in South Korea. My fascination with shelled mollusks began when I was young and had the opportunity to travel abroad with my family. It was during a trip to Jeju Island three years ago that I started to seriously collect shells. My collection started with a small collection of cowries, which prompted me to purchase Korean shell books such as "Cowries of Korea" by Koh. Since then, I have had the privilege of visiting numerous beaches and ports in South Korea, resulting in a collection of approximately 400 species of marine mollusks found in Korean waters.

Currently, I dedicate my time to photographing all of my specimen shells and conducting research on Korean mollusks. I rely on previous literature and papers to deepen my understanding. Unfortunately, I have come across numerous identification and description errors in Korean mollusk literature due to the lack of researchers and reliance on outdated Japanese literature. My mission is to rectify these errors and bring clarity to some of the confusing taxa. If you have any questions about shells from the North Western Pacific or if you simply want to discuss them, I would be delighted to engage in conversation.

Here, on Long Island, I am studying U.S East Coast marine mollusks. I only began collecting shells from this region six months ago, and I have already found them to be fascinating. The mollusk fauna on Long Island is comparatively simpler than that of South Korea, but studying mollusks here have provided me with a deeper understanding of larger taxonomic ranks and expanded my knowledge of shells as organisms.

As a person, I acknowledge that I can make mistakes when it comes to identification. Therefore, I welcome and encourage any corrections on doubtful or incorrect identifications that I may have made on iNaturalist.



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