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I am just a common man from India. I grew up watching Steve Irwin and Sir Attenborough on Animal planet daily.Nature photography is my hobby..I make observations in my free time and upload to inat. I generally unfollow observations if i am certain that my ids are correct because of so many notifications. In case if my ids are wrong please '@' me to withdraw my id. I am so obsessed with Crocodiles and other reptiles. Most of my observations are insects as I find them the most in urban areas.
Sometimes, I make my friends take photos for me to make observations on inaturalist. I acquire their permission to use them. I hope my contributions to this website remain here for eternity. 🤗😇
I apologise for the picture quality as I take pics on my phone. I used a Samsung phone to take pictures until 18 June, 2020. Since then, I have been using an iPhone 13 pro max to take pictures. Maybe I will buy a camera to take pictures when I can afford it when I do a job.😅🤷‍♂️
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