Igor Shelpiakov

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A novice amateur microscopist.

I have no biological background. I am primarily interested in microogranisms and enjoy studying their morphological features and trying to identify them. I try to be careful in my identifications, but I can still make mistakes.
Other than that, I am generally interested in invertebrate animals. But also, from time to time, I post an observation of other living organisms I encounter. (In these cases, I'm just using a non-best phone and the quality of such pictures leaves a lot to be desired.)

I appreciate every correction, advice, or just feedback on my observations. Please feel free to correct me!

I also have my own YouTube channel where I post video versions of my micro-observations. This is more as supplementary material, as my priority is iNaturalist. Although I try to make them self-sufficient.

PS: I often use a translator, so I apologize if my English seems nonsense.


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