Camden Davis

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Self taught naturalist / hiker / conservationist / biologist / amateur photographer / environmentalist / turtle keeper 🐢 residing in Jasper, AL.

I'm passionate about the conservation of our natural world, captive breeding of chelonians, and studying freshwater turtles/other herps. I live in Jasper, AL close to Bankhead National Forest so I hike there often. I take photos of a lot of things I see and I believe iNaturalist is a great resource to catalog observations of flora & fauna.

I hike a lot in the Sipsey Wilderness exploring every box canyon and ridge line I can, I've recently started a new project here on iNat to catalog all the species in the Sipsey Wilderness, I hope to be able to at some point catalog all species residing here.

I do a lot of activities with 4-H including Forestry, and W.H.E.P. competitions (Not this year due to COVID-19)

I work with a few species of captive chelonian including a 2.4 breeding group of Rhinoclemmys p. manni and a variety of other species from Sternotherus odoratus - Chrysemys p. dorsalis. I'm currently working on expanding my collection to some other species of Rhinoclemmys.

I'm interested in mainly freshwater turtles/other herps but have recently been branching out into just about everything and anything.

I also do water testing on Blackwater Creek for Alabama Water Watch.

I post a lot of my nature pics on my insta!

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