Charlie Farrell

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I'm mainly a birder, but having gotten into recording birds, I began to understand the importance of recording other species and taxa too. I'm UK based, where I religiously record my sightings in our own national systems (Birdtrack and iRecord) and have worked and lived in Sweden where I used the national system there (Artportalen).

However I do make the occasional trip to other places and I haven't always been able to make use of the photos and observations that I have made there - and sometimes (such as when I went to Peru in 2016), I have not always been able to identify the Bird Species and certainly not the insects, fungi, plants etc, so the Image Recognition tools available here and the wealth of experts and identifiers can hopefully help me here. If my (sometime terrible) photos can be used to help someone in some way, then that's great.

I'm also getting into Sound recording (again, mainly with birds) which I'm sharing via Xeno-Canto, but I hope to perhaps share some audio recordings of animals and birds via this site too.

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