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Celeste Mountain Lodge is located in the beautiful and diverse country of Costa Rica, Celeste Mountain Lodge is in between the slopes of the Tenorio Volcano, within the boundaries of the Volcan Tenorio national park (12,000 hectares) and in the heart of the Tenorio-Miravalles Biological Corridor.

Visit us at www.celestemountainlodge.com

And in a full-day, one can easily count one hundred different birds, animals and insect species, of which the very localized:

Tody Motmot
Keel-billed Motmot
Bear-necked umbrella bird
Yellow-eared toucanet
Great curassow
Three-wattled bellbird
Dull-mantled ant bird
Lattice-tailed trogon
Purplish-backed quail-dove
Brown-hooded parrot
Coppery-headed emerald
White-collared manakin
White-ruffed manakin
Green Shrike vireo
Ruffous-winged tanager
...And much more!

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