Bill Lucas

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I am a retired UPS driver who likes to take pictures of insects and other creatures related to them. I have not specialized in any one area of the insect world. I will attempt to photograph whatever I see in the world of "bugs". For the most part, when I do photograph them, I am within 5 inches from my subject. I have a website, and am on Facebook, Bill ICBugs Lucas.

I have been very fortunate to photograph specimens in places that I am visiting. There have been times that what I have photographed seems to be seldom seen by other photographers. I just wish I knew at the time that it is something special. Well, I do feel that every time I am out photographing creation, it is very special and an honor to be able to do it. I always thank God for what I see.

My home base has been Byron Center, Michigan, which should be obvious from the location of the majority of my photos. June 2021, we moved, so many of my photos will be from our home (1.68 acres of woods) near Mecosta, MI in Mecosta County.

I have now added many of my "other" nature photos. I really do take photos of whatever interests me at the time. My favorite "others" are mushrooms, lichens, mosses and very tiny flowers.

I started taking pictures in 2008 at age 55, with a 10 megapixel Canon camera. I received a lot of "advice" as to how to take photographs (use raw instead of jpeg, use a white balance card, and edit, edit, edit, etc.) I listened, but worked on my own method. (I still take all my photographs in jpeg.) My motto became: "I want to take photos that don't need editing." If I could reach that goal, I could then edit to make the photos look even better. My budget has been limited, so the cost of my equipment is lower than what it could be. For more explanation of my equipment I use and methods see my blog at:

I always thank God for His creation that we can all enjoy and am amazed at the creative artwork of my Lord Jesus Christ. (Genesis 1, John 1)

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