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I hope this is a shorter version! (updated 5-21-21)

Ok, when I graduated from college with Mathematics and Biology degrees leaning toward Marine Life, there were 6 kingdoms. I never heard of Domains, Superkingdoms, Tribes and everything beyond. Since I didn't keep up with Biology and I was enjoying being a wife and mother, it wasn't until I was looking up on Bugguide, etc. the last few years and saw how extensive taxonomy had become! WOAH!

I am a master hand-quilter, offering private lessons and demonstrations. Since my husband and I are empty-nesters now, we have more time to pursue our interests and spend time with our grandchildren. I am still very interested in getting the Insect ID correct, although I can't pronounce the binomial nomenclature, it is included in my labels. My husband has picked up my interest in insects also. I plan to pass down my collection to any grandchild who has a real interest or a high school/college that would want it. I started with Odonata and now am adding anything I think is interesting and I haven't been disappointed yet!
I found some wonderful people here who have been helpful and patient. So please correct my wrong IDs, no offense at all! I am always interested in learning more and I learn quickly through my mistakes! Looking forward to getting to know more of you as you learn a bit about me! ;) Oh, a lot of insects are found dead on our screened in porch, with a door open for our 2 dogs.

Thank, Cathy "the dragonfly lady" as I'm known in our North Carolina Native Plant Society

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