Andrew Scott

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Grew up exploring the suburban sticks of Fort Collins, CO and discovered a great passion for plants only within the past couple of years. Since explorer and naturalist have become archaic professions, I'll just pretend to be one in the meantime!

I got a bachelor's degree in rangeland ecology from Colorado State University in May 2020 and work at the Central Plains Experimental Range with the USDA, so most of my finds are plants from the shortgrass steppe. Occasionally I get low res photos of animals running away from me too.

My favorite plants include:

Grasses: slender wheatgrass (Elymus trachycaulus), sand dropseed (Sporobolus cryptandrus), sideoats grama (Bouteloua curtipendula), and Indian ricegrass (Achnatherum hymenoides)
Forbs: slimflower scurfpea (Psoralidium tenuiflorum), showy milkweed (Asclepias speciosa), woolly plaintain (Plantago patagonica), scarlet globemallow (Sphaeralcea coccinea), tahoka daisy (Machaeranthera tanacetifolia), and Lewis flax (Linum lewisii)
Shrubs: golden currant (Ribes aureum), alder-leaf mountain mahogany (Cercocarpus montanus), and chokecherry (Prunus virginiana)
Trees: pinyon pine (Pinus edulis) and alders (Alnus sp.)

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