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French expat living in Greece. Always been passionate about Nature since I'm a child.
I'm a Nature - Hiking - Trekking guide based in Naxos with my own cie :
Scuba diver with a passion for Underwater Photography.
I usually dive in the cycladic islands but also all around the world, trying to photograph as much as possible
I have a particular interest in Birds and more specifically Psittacidae, Reptiles, Marine life and especially Nudibranches as well as Orchids & Flora in general.
Over time I'm keen to try to record, observe and ID as much as possible of Naxos island amazing biodiversity.

If you wish to use any of my photos for articles, publications, illustrations or else, please just PM me for request.
I'm always keen to help if I can.

I'm still sometimes struggling with some taxons due to translation of french common names to english to latin... so feel free to correct me if you find any mistakes.

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