Joel DuBois

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I'm a passionate undergrad entomologist based in Stillwater, Oklahoma. I'm currently the top identifier of Acmaeodera (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) on iNat and have spent countless hours working on learning these guys through observing museum collections, reading old papers, correspondence with experts, and doing some collecting myself. (Certain users here are way more experienced (T. MacRae, J. Hansen, R. Westcott), and I will sometimes tag them if I need help). I intend to pursue a degree in entomology, with an emphasis on taxonomy and curation.

My hope is for my magnum opus to be a complete revision of the genus Acmaeodera in North America. This would involve working through the dozens of undescribed species in Mexico as well as working through the more problematic groups in the US (neglecta complex, tuta complex...). It is my hope to one day create a scientific key and a more user-friendly guide to the Acmaeodera of North America. Part of this massive project involves building a solid collection of as many Acmaeodera as I can for reference, which is something I have already begun work on, with over 30 Acmaeodera species (and several more to come from OK). iNaturalist also helps with this project, as I am practising and learning new things about Acmaeodera as users post observations.

Acmaeodera is by far my favourite genus of Jewel Beetle, but I also love many other Buprestids (see my favourites below). Other interests of mine include Pentatomids (Stink Bugs), Zopherids (Ironclad Beetles), Dytiscids (Predacious Water Beetles), and Cassidinae (Tortoise Beetles).

Finally, if you disagree with any--really any--of my IDs, please, please, please let me know. I make mistakes: sometimes I ID species during class (while taking notes, of course) or when I can't sleep.

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