Alba M. Vos

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I am a fine artist and clinical therapist by profession. I grew up in Northern Wisconsin and spent the majority of my childhood following behind my Pops, a grade school teacher of 50 years, as he taught about the natural world; plants we could eat, which ones made you itch or healed the same.

A life threatening illness I live with honed the compass he gave me and after adjunctive treatments left impairment in my dominant hand and chest - a blend of photography, hiking and love of insects - was the physical therapy I needed to work through and with. It isn't hyperbole to say the 'small things' saved me. They do. They kept me here. They keep me grounded.

Dragonflies have been my focus of learning the last two seasons, although, my love is and always has been for Moths. My family defines me as a "perpetual student" - very true. I am currently returning to formal classes in Entomology and [cont. to further my education in] behavioral health.

Because of my profession and the population I work with - the privacy settings are correct. That is not a negotiable no matter the need for folks to explain it or paste the "how to" change it to one they don't have to think around. It isn't hard to deduct the location from the numerous observations in the same vicinity. No, it doesn't affect my contributions as worthless nor does it negate the effort to contribute to the whole. It's tedious to be told to change the setting and then to double down with not helping with the ID once this is clarified. Don't do that. This is how we can all contribute - to be a positive being - a helper. Therein and henceforth, please use the following as a PIN location for all private observations:


Remember: For heaven's sake - don't kill snakes!

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