Marlin Dart

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B.S. in Zoology with an option in Wildlife, Fisheries, Behavior, and Ecology from North Dakota State University.
Currently working for the opportunity to pursue MS and PhD.

Research Experience:
-Research Technician: Potential roles of game and non-game species in the transmission of leptospirosis among wildlife. Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Baton Rouge, LA. 2018.

-Research Technician: Predator community and waterfowl nest survival. South Dakota. 2018

-Lead Research Technician: Disease ecology of Leptospirosis in mongoose and rodents. Oahu, HI. University of Hawaii at Manoa. 2017.

  • Research Assistant: Behavioral ecology of Gunnison's prairie dog (Mating System & Infanticide). Valles Caldera National Preserve. University of Maryland. 2017

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