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I'm currently a biology student in Limoges (France), learning about invertebrates on the side. For now I'm mostly focused on harvestmen (Opiliones), getting more and more interested in their systematics recently.
I'm also willing to help with IDs, feel free to tag me in your observations. Just bear in mind, I'm not a expert. :)

For anyone interested in browsing/reviewing my observations:
Main taxa of interest :

Other taxa I'm curious about :

Shortcuts :

  • My iNaturalist Firsts : First observations of a species on iNaturalist from me
  • Personal Favorites : Observations of mine that highlight a certain organism, behavior, life stage, etc. or that I just particularly like ; I use the "Favorites" tab separately for other people's observations
  • Photographic References for Opiliones : All harvestmen observations of mine I deem useful for ID purposes, if needed
  • Personal Collection : Specimens that I've sampled
  • ID Pending : Just an easier way for me to keep track of samples I have yet to ID

Resources I use the most for IDs :

Stats : 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

Lifetime Taxon "Bucket List" (just for fun)

Profile picture is Ischyropsalis pyrenaea

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