Recent lifer moths

For Pollinator Week I organized two different public Moth Nights, one in Norman, Oklahoma and another in Tulsa, Oklahoma (which sadly had to be postponed due to the ongoing storm cleanup). The Moth Night in Norman at Saxon Park was very fruitful, with a count of more than 170 species - my highest single night count ever. We also had a good crowd of humans - around 30, though I didn't do an actual head count.

During that evening I found 6 species which were new-to-me, aka "lifers."

Hypatopa punctiferella

There's nothing real significant about this find, although it might be a new county record. There are prior records in northeast and southeast Oklahoma.

Diviana eudoreella

This is a really good record, as it has not been recorded in Oklahoma before and the nearest observation is from around 400 miles away near the Rio Grande. Thanks to Jack (@jcochran706) for the ID! Check out the range map:

Black-etched Prominent (Americerura scitiscripta)

This is a beauty, even though it's a little worn! My fellow mothing cohort (Rick and Leah) had both seen this species before, but I had somehow missed out. This was probably my favorite find of the night.

Bucculatrix simulans

This is a first state record for Oklahoma and only the 2nd observation on iNaturalist. Currently there isn't a thumbnail/default photo for the species.

Hahncappsia pergilvalis

The only other Oklahoma observation of this species on iNaturalist is from the far west end of the OK panhandle. MPG has a record from northeast Oklahoma.

Moon-lined Moth (Spiloloma lunilinea)

This was a bittersweet one for me. I knew on sight what this was and that it was a lifer for me, but sad to see that it had been stepped on.


In addition to these new sightings, I saw an emerald I had previously only seen outside of Oklahoma and a rare underwing I had only seen once before.

Ultronia Underwing (Catocala ultronia)

And my final entry in this post is a Gracillariidae that I have not been able to identify and feel like we should be able to track down.

Any ideas?

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