Mothing at Dixon Water Foundation near Decatur - July 23rd

Hi all!

NPAT and the Dixon Water Foundation are hosting a nocturnal bioblitz/moth night at the Josey Pavilion on July 23rd from 7p-11p - this is near Decatur, TX. There will be water/drinks and some light snacks available! Make sure to bring flashlights/headlamps, bug spray, and your phone or camera to document critters found to iNaturalist!

Please reach out to me or Dr. Carly Aulicky ( if you're interested, and if you'd be willing to bring mothing gear! I'll post additional location details closer to the event date.

Here are more details about the location:

I'm going to tag a few folks who may be interested below! Please feel free to tag folks I may have missed!

UPDATE for location & add'l details:
I hope you are excited to kick off National Moth Week at the Dixon Water Foundation's Josey Pavilion!

The gates will be opened at 7pm to give folks a chance to set up mothing stations and explore a bit in the daylight - we'll plan to be out until 11pm.

The Josey Pavilion can be tricky to find! Please use the Josey Pavilion's address, 5190 Co Road 398, Decatur, TX 76234. It should pop up if you search for "Josey Pavilion" in either Google or Apple maps, but use the provided address for best results. The driveway is between two metal signs with the Dixon Water Foundation's logo and the Josey Pavilion name. From there, follow the drive-way along the right to parking by the pavilion.

I don't need to tell anyone how hot is out right now, but please come prepared for the heat! Even at night, the temperature will stay high for a while, so please be sure to come with plenty of water. We'll have additional water & some Gatorade available.

For safety reasons, please wear closed-toed shoes and bring a flashlight. Counter-intuitive to the hot weather preparedness, you may be more comfortable near mothing stations in a dark colored shirt. Darker colors will help keep the moths and other nocturnal friends more interested in the lit stations than the light fabric of your shirt.

Bringing a mothing station is not required, but if you have one and are willing to bring it that is awesome! The more we have, the greater chance of seeing something super cool. We will have plenty of space to spread them out.

If you have any questions please reach out! Dr. Carly Aulicky's cell is 908-894-9787 or contact me at 610-348-9923

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What's your email? I actually have a bioblitz I'm planning that is a few days after and I want to invite you!

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My email is :D Anyone can always reach out to me there as well!!

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@wildcarrot Thanks for the invite, Meghan; I will be out of state on July 23rd, but I look forward to seeing everyone's observations!

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Thanks for sharing this, Meghan! Unfortunately I can't make it, but I appreciate the invite:)

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Thanks for the invite, Megan! I'll be on my honeymoon and won't be able to make it. Please keep adding me to these events! :)

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@tadamcochran Congratulations!

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@kathrynwells333 Thank you! :)

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Congrats Adam!

The UNT chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration will be bringing around 10 people, plus me and my husband. Not sure if I can get the kids out of the AC:)
I will have three set-ups with me.

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Can't make this one, Meghan, but thanks for the invite. All the best.

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I think I might be busy but thanks for the invite!

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I will be there!
@tadamcochran , congratulations!

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Address & updates above! Excited to see you all out there on Saturday!!

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