Barrage of notifications - an apology

Lately, I've been curating/IDing a lot of old observations, both moving easy stuff to RG, and correcting mistakes that have been sitting around for a while. Thus far, however, I've only been adding my IDs to Needs ID obs, or RG obs that are incorrect. However, I'm going to be adding confirming IDs to a lot of RG obs from here on in for the groups that I'm curating. Aside from molluscs, I almost never do this, as I typically don't see much point in it. But one of the big tasks I've been trying to address recently is adding IDs to the tens of thousands of observations that lost them after the recent account deletion of a major Australian identifier. So for the taxa that I am doing a full review of, I think it probably is worth it to add IDs as an extra layer of protection in the event of future deleted IDs.

So apologies in advance for the notifications I may be generating for people :)

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Nonsense! You don't owe us an apology, but we owe you our gratitude. This sounds like repetitive but valuable work. I regret to hear that so many IDs have been lost, and I expect that there should be an option to delete your account but keep your IDs, at least in an anonymous form.

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Appreciate your commitment and the knowledge you have to be able to do this task!

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Much appreciated. Cheers

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You're amazing, thanks for your effort, always super appreciate ID's!

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