Get on board the new Xmas beetle project

Unsure how many of you have seen it, but there's a new Xmas beetle project operating at the moment:

It's a collection, so obviously nothing extra needed on your end from the admin point of views, but if you can would be great to try boost your obs over this summer :) All IDs welcome of course too

Note that it's not just Anoplognathus being collected, but also Calloodes, Cyclocephala, Repsimus and Xylonichus.

Tagging all the beetle usuals that haven't joined the project yet (I know I've missed heaps of people, so apologies in advance...)

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Looks like the project is picking up other beetles like the wretched argentinian one of which I see hundreds each night but so far, not a single one of the ones I think of as Xmas beetles.

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@dianneclarke at the moment they have the settings to pick up the Argentinians, plus Anoplognathus (the 'true' Xmas beetles), plus three other genera of Xmas-like beetles

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