How to pick my ten best bird pics???

The President of my Audubon group asked me to pick ten pictures of birds I had seen in Colorado that I particularly liked to put up on our web page. This quest has lead me to review what i have observed and put on iNat in Colorado, 167 species so far. So I decided to make a google album of the best one or two pics of each species and then pick from there what to share. I always make things harder than they have to be but this is actually a fun trip down memory lane in Colorado. Sometimes I have better pictures of some of the birds but they were taken when I lived in Texas. I have decided I need to ask my kids if I ever end up in a nursing home (heaven forbid) to set up a screen for me that will rotate through all my google albums (heavily tied to being outside and observing all things natural) I feel certain that will make my last days much happier. iNat and the critters and plants observed as well as the friends I have made here have enhanced my life. A special thanks to @greglasley and @sambiology who inspired me greatly.

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