Open space in Duncanville -- check it out!

So, there's an open space in Duncanville that's pretty dang sweet. It's around 40 acres with some cool open limestone spots and Ten Mile Creek that runs right through it. The land is open to the public and it's owned by the City of Duncanville. Here is some more info about the land:

Anywho, there's been some talk about development, so we're wanting to actively use the observations made on the land to show that there's not just biodiversity but also a naturalist community that seeks out open green spaces like this. It is well worthy of preserving.

If you find yourself in southern Dallas County, be sure to stop by the Ladd Land and make some observations -- they're especially useful! :)

The address is 609 W Danieldale Rd, Duncanville, TX 75137
and the GPS is 32.634893, -96.921227

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Good dragonfly potential when it gets warmer? I might have to check it out once it warms up.

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Thanks for letting us know, Sam!

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Thanks, Sam - been there! I grew up about a mile from that spot. Next time I visit my sister I'll stop by and add a few observations.

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I will be sure to check it out!

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Checked it out this morning, and it is quite the hidden gem. Excited to see what it's like in spring.

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Already planned to be in the area today, so I stopped by too. It really is a nice space!

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Hey all, just wanted to toss some exciting updates!!!

City Council is actively discussing this land:

I used the iNaturalist data in my letter to the city -- so if you've gone out there and made some observations, they were used! Future observations there will solidify the necessity of this land to the nature enthusiasts. :) Yippee!

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That's a great report, @sambiology; thanks for the update!

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Fantastic news, Sam! Thanks!

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Hey all, just in case you'll be free, on Monday, May 16th from 3 - 7ish PM, we'll do a bioblitz/biosurvey out here! Mark your calendars if you're free! I'll do another journal post shortly after the city nature challenge weekend too.

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I'm going to be passing by the area that day so I might be able to stop by for a few minutes. Got it on my calendar!

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