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My 40th birthday is coming up, and this year, I'm hoping for some funds to be donated to iNaturalist. I'm about as bonkers as one can get about this resource. It's a database, it's a community, it's a lifestyle! :) Seriously, I have engaged more deeply using the tool of iNaturalist than anything else. It's broadened my interests in nature -- I explore the ecosystem thoroughly. Each time I go outside, I take iNaturalist with me. :)

No obligation, but if you're able to, iNat is well worthy of funds. I've set a goal of $1k, and here's the site:

So grateful for this tool -- I've met with some of my absolute favorite people, in real life or virtually (with hopes to meeting so many of you in the near future). :)

Looking forward to using iNaturalist for the rest of my life!

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Woohoo, happy early birthday!! No matter who says, 40 ain’t old 👌🏼

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because of learning about iNat from following you, I became a monthly supporter about a year ago! I'll kick in a few extra birthday dollars. Happy Birthday Sam

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Happy Birthday Sam! Thanks for all you do!

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Happy Birthday! Your passionate love for all life is an inspiration and has
encouraged my own iNat practice.

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Thank you thank you thank you for all of the birthday love!!! The fundraiser amount was met and surpassed! Fantastic. Thank you!!! :)

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