Year in Review!!! You need to check out your stats!

Year in review is up! You've got to check it out:
The iNat folks have obviously done a lot of work to put this together. Really interesting to see the data in these charts and graphs and stuff.

You can go to the bottom of the year in review of all of iNat:

Then go to "view your 2020 stats."

So neat to see your year in review -- highly suggested! :)

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Loved looking at this. Great to see more users, observations, species, everything!!! The favorite photos are wonderful. You certainly are to be commended for sharing your iNat passion with others. What a streak you have!! WOW.

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I have to say congratulations to Sam for achieving #2 Observation Streak in the world!

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Thanks for the direction. Blake

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You can also view your own stats with this link:

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