One Popular Fern

In Halton Region forest there is a Crested Wood Fern growing in a tree hollow. It is quite an attractive sight, and on five different occasions people have uploaded observations of this one fern!

Just shows how popular iNaturalist has become.

Makes me wonder what the biggest example of this is, where many people have incidentally noticed the same organism.

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It is in a conspicious place, but also interesting it is 5 different days. To me it shows a really underrated part of iNaturalist which is learning new places to explore. It used to be 'do I really want to go back to there again?', with my regular places, now after using the site I have a list of places I want to explore that is likely too long for me to ever do justice to.

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@cmcheatle Yup, iNaturalist has definitely made exploring new spots that much more fun. Case in point, this sycamore:, growing in a tiny but intact, mature forest with a wide diversity of native trees only 12 minutes from home. I'd visited this spot before, but had never even considered looking at the trees and seeing what it was actually like. I'm trying to get to the point of having observations from every single accessible natural area in Mississauga... not sure how long that will take me, but I've already discovered a few really interesting spots.

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Hello Reuven,

I recently noticed your Erindale/Riverwood complex biodiversity project on inaturalist and was hoping to reach out to you but for whatever reason seem to be unable to message you directly on inaturalist. Could you kindly contact me at
Thank you in advance and I hope to hear from you soon.

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@sh11 I have emailed you

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Thank you very much Reuven. I have responded at the email address that you kindly provided.

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