First record of Euceriodes pallada in Bolivia.

Eucereon pallada was first described by Druce 1906: . Hampson, 1914 also described the species: and made a plate (fig. 30): . Travasso 1961 transferred the species to genus Euceriodes.

Recently I made an Inaturalist site prospection to find the distributional area of Euceriodes pallada: This prospection doesn't included Bolivia in the search.

While searching Bolivia observations on Inaturalist site for the species Leucanopsis leucanina I found one observation of Euceriodes pallada:

This observation is far away from previous records of the species and is the first record for Bolivia. If the distribution of the species are continuos, Paraguay and the brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul have a high chance of occurence for the species Euceriodes pallada.


Travassos, L. (1961) Contribuição ao conhecimento das espécies incluidas no gênero Eucereon (Lepidoptera-Arctiidae). Atas de Sociedade de Biologia do Rio de Janeiro, 5 (3), 9–10.

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