Another Hurricane Coming (Delta)

All but one of my old passionvines have died. Between Laura knocking down the bamboo and the caterpillars eating it, it's gone. One vine is trying to re-sprout from near the base of the vine, but the Gulf Fritillarys are still flitting around each morning. I'm sure there will be more caterpillars soon. There have been new sprouts that I finally let grow in my garden, just because the summer plants are done and to give the caterpillars something to eat.

My red salvias are looking very good right now! I've had lots of Gulf Fritillarys feeding on their nectar and one regular hummingbird visitor! The salvias seemed to barely grow all summer, then an autumn cold front came through (High 70's, Low 50's) and they sprang up with beautiful red blooms. A neighbor has zinnias that seem to be attracting the butterflies too.

Hurricane Delta just crossed the Yucatan Penninsula last night, which dropped it from a Cat 3 to Cat 1. It's expected to grow into a Cat 3 again and hit Lake Charles, LA again. There's still a chance it could shift west and be bad for us. I hope there are people west of us that are growing passionvine and salvias, because these butterflies will get pushed that way.

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