After Hurricane Laura

To give you an update from the previous journal post, the repinning of chysallides did not go well. One butterfly got stuck and never made it out of the chysallis, two were eaten by ants, and one butterfly made it. So, if at all possible, don't move the chysallides! I have made a stand for them to hopefully choose as their destination when they begin the pupating stage. We'll see if that helps.

Hurricane Laura blew through on August 26-27, 2020 during the night. It was predicted that the Category 3 (borderlining a Cat 4) eye wall was going to pass right over our house! It turned very slightly to the east and devastated Lake Charles, LA instead. We still had power outages for about a week, trees fell on powerlines, and two houses that we found in town had a tree fall on the roof. Not too bad and was cleaned up quickly. My bamboo poles serving as a trellis for the passionfruit vine were all knocked to the ground and our telephone pole nearby was leaning parallel with the road. There was glass from the street light on the ground around the vines. But the butterflies remained! Many Gulf Fritillarys were seen flitting around the yard the day after the storm! More butterflies may have been pushed up from the southeast.

The leaves on my passionfruit vine are nearly gone. This summer, I've had MANY successful chrysallides! I failed to keep count of the number of empty chrysallides dang and on top of this, we've got our visitors from out-of-town. I hope they can wait to lay eggs until the plants catch up!

While blowing debris off the roof, I found that some of the butterflies are flying over the rooftops. A Gulf Fritillary and an Eastern Swallowtail passed by me and continued on their journeys while flying high.

Hurricane Sally is just hitting New Orleans today September 15 and is supposed to just barely move along while dumping rain (much like Hurricane Harvey did). I may need to expect more butterfly visitors after this second, local, natural disaster.

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