Brewster Community Garden 6/17/21

Have been visiting regularly here to walk the path through the meadows that surround the fenced garden area. Noticed many lady beetles recently, but today was notable for the number and variety seen in all stages: adult, nymph and larval.
Also saw first Monarch of the year today.
The most interesting find was a good macro of predatory stink bug eggs clustered in the center of a milkweed leaf. Had no idea what they were when I took the photo, because they were so small, like grains of fine black sand. But at high magnification, it looks like each dark egg has been fitted with a white spiked corona. Later that day read an article saying the bugs can control the color of the eggs, depending on whether they are laid on the upper or lower surface of the leaf. These were on the upper surface, and the dark color apparently protects them from UV light of the sun.

פורסם על-ידי rdebenham rdebenham, יוני 18, 2021 10:48 לפנה"צ


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