Survey for Penstemon guadalupensis at Lake Proctor

Penstemon guadalupensis is a relatively uncommon penstemon which I found (one specimen of) at Lake Proctor:

I'm curious how abundant they are at this location (a Corps park) and the Corps personnel are interested in documenting uncommon plants.

Folks interested in coming out to focus efforts on looking for Penstemon guadalupensis are welcome. We just need to settle on a date in mid-April. I'm not sure if we'd spend the night (it's an option), but that's something we can discuss.

@bosqueaaron, @jcochran706, @annikaml, @gcwarbler, @kimberlietx, @sambiology (tagging some of the more obsessive plant folks--feel free to tag others).


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Sounds great! How about the 15th?

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@lovebirder might be interested.

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I would super enjoy helping and seeing the crew, but April is tough for me. I have a Capitol Area Master Naturalist mothing event I'm helping with on April 15. April 22 might be an option for me, but please don't plan around my schedule. It's a bit up in the air for April. And I'm sure everyone remembers that the City Nature Challenge starts on April 28 and runs through May 1.

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Sounds interesting. I could possibly attend a weekend day.

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I'm booked for interpretive walks, volunteer training, and that pesky ol' family life stuff the rest of April. If you end up bumping into May, keep me posted!

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@bosqueaaron, @lovebirder, April 15th OK? Meet ~10 or 11 am?
Park across from the dump station:

Copperas Creek park is gated, camping only...but they said just tell the gate attendant that we're there to survey plants.

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Sounds good to me.

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If we find the penstemons, our "expedition" will take on a broader purpose: to help clarify the morphological variation within and between P. albidus and P. guadalupensis. Our botanist at Tarleton is studying this issue currently. I'll bring a metric ruler so we can measure width of the basal leaves. We'll also need to document whether leaves are puberulent, scabrous, glabrate, or glabrous and the color of staminode hairs.

What's a staminode?

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