Asilidae - Supporting IDs Needed

Below is a list of robber fly observations where the community ID is stuck at superfamily or above due to one or more disagreements. If anyone is willing to go through some of these and add an 'Asilidae' ID (no need to agree with my exact ID) to help pull the observation to at least family level, that would be greatly appreciated. I'll update the list as observations are moved.

Alternatively, you can use this link for observations:

Or this one for the Identify module:

This will show only those observations in which (1) there is at least one 'Asilidae' ID, (2) the community ID is superfamily or above, and (3) you have not already reviewed it. Unfortunately this will also include non-asilids which had an 'Asilidae' ID. I don't know that these can be filtered out in one URL search.


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Last Updated: July 2, 2022 1:18 PM EST

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Thanks for doing this work, Chris. Any chance we could turn this into something that uses the Identify function, so it'd be faster to work through them? Or is that a bridge too far for iNat's clunky interface...

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Good point – I've added the URL for Identify. Thankfully the get requests work the same.

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I've finally gone though the posted observations, and I am very impressed to see that the vast majority are now at family or below. My sincere thanks to @phycus @stevecollins @gcsnelling @tristanmcknight @raycama for their efforts here!

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Glad to help.

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