Collecting Asilidae in South Africa and Namibia

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Hi all,

I'm looking to acquire molecular-grade specimens of Asilidae from all over the world, (and relevant to this post) especially southern Africa. Such specimens would be instrumental in reconstructing the evolutionary history of these venomous predators, and also aid in their taxonomic revision and reclassification.

Would any of you included here have the means or interest to collect robber flies into 90-100% ethanol? Please let me know if so, and I can provide further details.

I hope you all are staying safe and healthy!


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Hi Chris - I could certainly give it a bash!


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Hi Chris,
I can too.
Cheers, Alan

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Hi Chris.
Thank you for including me on your request. I won't be putting robbers (or anything else) in alcohol, sorry. Not sure how I'd catch the speedy little chaps anyway ;-)
Good luck with your project.

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Hi Chris,

Sorry not able to at the moment (in the UK) but have dry specimens if of interest.

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Hi Chris,

Sorry, not a clue how to go about to catch one of those guys.

Warm Zululand regards,

St Lucia

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Hi Chris

I will have to see if I can catch one first.

Good luck with your project


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Thank you for including me. I will stick to taking photos, but won't be collecting for you. Good Luck with your project.


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