It is hot out.

It is hot out. Really hot! :/

I live in Corvallis, Oregon, and the climate here is usually described as a cross between oceanic and Mediterranean: wet, cool winters and warm, dry summers. The summers don't usually start until July, and they are warm rather than hot. This weekend they are expected to go up to 39C on Saturday and 45C on Sunday--- the Sunday temperature would beat the all-time high temperature in Corvallis by 3C, and the June all-time high by 6C. I am planning to take the bus to the coast both days to avoid the worst of the heat (the good news is, the night time temperatures will still be "normally" hot). Next week looks hot, but not 40s hot, which is very dangerous to people---and also to wildlife.

So a very obvious fact of this, is that the observations that I, and others on here are making, are an important record of how climate change is effecting wild animals and plants. It seemed to me that the spring was very active, especially with insect activity, but now that summer is starting off so hot, it could have dire consequences across the ecosystem.

Also, of course, hot weather changes how I and others can observe. I will be at the cooler ocean, I hope, but obviously if I were here, it would change the level I could be out---I think a 15 minute walk at 40C is like an hour at 30C. An important thing to keep in mind when looking at the closeness of people's observations.

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All too true! Have a good, safe trip.

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I came back! I am planning on going again tomorrow, though.

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I didn't see any hermit crabs, though. :(

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Better luck today!

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