iNaturalist Workshop

We've filled two classes for Beginning iNaturalist workshop and have a third planned for January 21st 2015. I've verbally committed to doing one as long as we keep packing the house. It's so exciting to meet fellow Naturalists and see this community come together.

Also, we're planning our first informal gathering, or 'Get Together', as a follow up to the classes. February 4th we'll be meeting at the LLELA offices to share ideas and questions surrounding LLELA and the iNaturalist project. iNaturalist 'Sambiology' will be making the trek up from Mansfield to give us a few pointers on photographing plants for more accurate ID's.

I look forward to the fellowship of this community and encourage anyone interested to join us.

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Yippee! I'm excited to be a part of this! Do you want to leave a light on outside the building? We can probably get some moth observations while we're there. :)

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What time is the meeting?

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7pm. We will send an official announcement on the LLELA facebook page. I believe Erin is going to email everyone that has attended a workshop.

Can't wait to see you there!

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Looking forward to it!!! :)

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Is everyone/anyone invited to the jan 21 program?

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anyone and everyone.

The more the merrier!

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