iNaturalist Workshop

Well, tonight is the big night. I am leading my very first workshop on iNaturalist. Most of the attendees will be from the Friends of LLELA organization. The focus of this workshop will be on beginning iNaturalist navigation and observation entries with a focus on LLELA (Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area).

I am so excited to share this wonderful site. Hopefully more will join and contribute.

Thank you all at iNaturalist for this wonderful place and all the work you put into it.

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Wishing you the best tonight, Michael!

Spread the word!!! :)

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Thanks Sam

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I enjoyed the class and look forward to more, it is nice to learn all about inaturalist and really nice to meet new folks...thanks and keep me posted on any other classes you are giving, hawkilitle or Mary! (I attended the December class!)

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