Month in Białowieża

81 species of mosses
28 species of liverworts (6 new for me)

Great time, very warm and sunny weather. Visiting different habitats with @marcinklisz and @kpilch, both in nature reserves (national park) and in other forests. Bisons, wolves, moose, deers observed (some without photos, so no iNat observations).
Still a lot of soldiers and police in the area, due to unsolved problems at the border. A lot of trash in the forest, even in very wild places. Sometimes very wet - and heartbreaking imagination about poor people spending nights there...
But Białowieża is opened again for tourists.

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מצגריה דו-קרנית (Metzgeria furcata)




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Thanks for nice post @kroolik !
Perhaps some briological enthusiasts from Europe are planning to visit the Bialowieza Forest. Based on your experiences, what species are worth coming here for, which habitats are most attractive to briologists, is it worth visiting the Strict Reserve in the Bialowieza National Park, how to deal with Border Guard controls, how to behave towards illegal refugees?

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I suggest the work of H. Klama from 2002, there is a checklist of liverworts in Białowieża (67 species). For bryophytes the wet places are the best: pine bog forest, swamps, small rivers' valleys, alder and ash forests along rivers etc. All places with dead and rotting wood are worth visiting. Surprisingly reach are abandoned antropogenic constructions in the forests, like old bridges.
The oldest part of Białowieża N.P. (called strict reserve) is worth visiting not only for bryophytes. Also for rare lichens, funghi and of course animals. For bisons there are a lot of good places, known to local guides, like meadows along Narewka and Łutownia rivers and some open areas in the forest.

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