Things frequently confused with Smilax.

I've been building a list of plants that people on iNaturalist tend to call "Smilax" when they aren't. Here's what I have so far, and I'll amend it when I get other examples. These are good ones to consider if you think you've got a Smilax but aren't sure.

The top three candidates:
Carolina snailseed, Cocculus carolinus,

Wild yam, Dioscorea villosa

Autumn Clematis, Clematis terniflora (notice it actually has 3-part compound leaves that are opposite on the stem).

Other foolers:

Bengal trumpet, Thunbergia (Florida)

Viola, when first emerging, can look like Smilax herbacea or other non-woody Smilax.


Elfin shoes Croomia pauciflora

Devil's walking stick, Aralia spinosa,

Stickseed, Hackelia virginiana (midwest) -

American Water-Plantain, Alisma subcordatum, especially young ones (

American plantain, Plantago rugelii ( Notice the hairy leaf surface, which Smilax doesn't have.

Wild sarsaparilla, Aralis nudicaulis -
(this doesn’t look like Smilax, but some people know the name “Sarsaparilla vine” for Smilax pumila and end up putting this label on it).

I've been fooled by some of these many times!

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Great list. Elfin shoes Croomia pauciflora was a new one to me. I think I have a photo of one somewhere.

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I appreciate this list. I've confused Carolina snailseed for Smilax.

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Good grief, some of these are remarkably similar to Smilax, not just sort of like it. I am very glad most don't grow in New England (yet). Wild yam is bad enough, and way too close appearing. I've seen Autumn clematis as a flowering adult here, those leaves in the observation make me realize care has to be taken with everything. Thank you, Janet!

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As always wonderful science.

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Another very helpful post...thank you!

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Fun list!

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THANK YOU! Glad it's not just me.

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