Training Blue Jays


Blue Jays are in the same family as crows, (Corvidae) this family of birds includes, magpies, ravens, jackdaws, jays and like mentioned before crows. This family of birds are some of the smartest birds, among parrots, and crows and ravens are some of the smartest birds in this family. Because of this I thought I could maybe train the blue jays in my yard to do tricks. I googled “training blue jays” and nothing came up about training them tricks, only hand training them. So I gave it a go.

The Steps

The trick I taught the jays is to knock things off the fence in my yard. (Not a really impressive trick, but it’s an easy trick to teach.) Here’s some steps to train the jays in your yard.

Treats: When training animals, you usually need treats to get them to do the trick. For blue jays, peanuts are a good choice. You can use un-shelled or shelled, but peanuts with shells seem to catch the jays eyes better. But whatever you use as treat, make sure it’s unsalted.

Step one: Get a small clear plastic cup and put it over the treat and push it to the edge of what you want the jay(s) to knock it off of. Once the jay(s) has learned to knock over cup to get the treat you can move on to step two.

Step two: Replace to clear cup with a similar sized non-clear cup and put a treat under non-clear cup. Try placing the cup near middle of the object that you want the jay(s) to knock the cup off of, but if the jay(s) can’t figure out to how to push the cup off of the object from middle, you can put the cup near the edge until they figure how to knock the cup off.

Step three: Stop putting treats under the non-clear cup and instead when the jay(s) knock the cup off the object toss the treat to them. This way you can control the way they knock the cup off.

Other things you can do with this trick: Once the jay(s) learn to knock off the cups you can substitute the cup for something else, like light plastic balls, paper towels rolls or small children’s toys.


I wanted to share this with people, because I thought other people would want to know you could train blue jays. If you are confused by any of the steps, you can ask me in the comments. This is my first Journal post so, I hope you thought this was interesting or even tried it with the jays in your yard. Have a good day or night and thanks for reading this :)

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