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Mike Quinn's (@entomike) tremendous entomology website, texasento.net, has been a go-to site for me for years. It has a heavy emphasis on beetles and some bugs but all the diverse resources on the site are worth exploring.

Mike just added what will prove to be another hugely important improved web page. He has just edited and enlarged his page for the stink bugs (Hemiptera:Pentatomidae). He now includes many images of nymphal stages of these bugs which can look very different from the adults. Check it out!


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Hey, Chuck. Thanks for posting this. I get a "Safari cant' open page" error message. Getting the same kind of message in Firefox. Are you able to open it on your end?

I saw this link come up in a Facebook post yesterday and I couldn't open it from there either.

Thanks! ~Adam

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This link is pasted right out of Mike's post on TX-Butterflies discussion list; it's working for me on both Safari (10.1.1) and Firefox (49.0.2).

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Thank you, Chuck. Still not working for me. Must be something on my end. I'll see if an update helps.

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It's such a tremendously useful page -- all of those are great.

Adam, perhaps try copy and pasting this link:


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Updated to OS Sierra and it's working now! Thank you, Chuck and Sam.

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You have NO IDEA how excited I am about this. Thanks for sharing!

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