Today I discovered Merlin! What an amazing app! My phone isn't the BEST at taking audio, but I definitely now have a lot of new bird observations to upload! So excited! This is going to really change up my birdwatching experience! I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't tried it!

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Merlin was a lifesaver for me when I began intensely birding and I still use it all the time. It kept me from having to ask others all the time, "what bird is this?" LOL The photo ID feature is quite often spot-on.

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I know! I mean, I know most of my common bird songs well, but there are some that I was floored at how many I didn't even realize I was hearing, from birds I didn't know as well! And the fact that I can use it to orient on where a bird is calling from, is fantastic! I haven't seen red-headed woodpeckers around here before, and was shocked when it pulled them up as calling. I knew it was an unfamiliar call, but I didn't NOTICE it. I followed where it was coming from, and there was a nest in an old tree! Now I have to take my camera back! Haha.

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I was just going to suggest Merlin to you because I was idly ID-ing and noticed you made a lot of audio bird observations recently. I've been using it to record and learn birds of the Southeast. Sometimes it makes mistakes, like thinking frog calls are rails or traffic is crows, but in general it's an amazing app!

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Right! I was amused when someone dropped a pallet, and it thought it was a bird haha. I just try to make sure I'm double checking everything =). LOVE it so far, because it picks up things I definitely don't hear the first time as well!

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