My iNaturalist Heroes

I do not know who will receive this post or who will bother to read it:

It is my first journal entry.

So here it goes:
I celebrated my 2nd iNaturalist anniversary on Sunday, Nov. 22, 2015. It has been an enjoyable, educational and rewarding experience of sharing. Not to mention, ADDICTIVE!
I hope you do not consider my observations of "Humans" are "spam" or inappropriate or extraneous material.

The observations I submit of Humans are of, and will be, fellow iNaturalist's I have met personally, face to face, and even given a Texas hug. They are folks I have been elated and honored to meet because they have educated and coached me in my quest to learn more about the natural world.

Most of all...they have enabled me to share this knowledge with others.

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woo hoo!

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I've been welcomed and encouraged by you whenever we've met as we go along wanting to LEARN more about our natural world.

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