One year on Galiano Island: Timelapse Series 2015

I put this series together from a vantage looking northwest up the coastline of Galiano Island, on the Trincomali side.


There are a few gaps in the series—notably July, the driest month on island, as well as December, one of the wettest!

This series nevertheless captures well the spectrum of change that happens over the course of the year here.

People have remarked that the landscape changes very little—which partly owes to the dominance of coniferous forests and, here on the shoreline, the evergreen deciduous tree Arbutus. The vegetation reflects the mediterranean sub-climate of the island, which provides for mild, wet winters and cool, dry summers.

Still there are a couple of changes to note, which will also give some sense of the timeline:

1) Watch as the Ocean spray, the dominant shrub in the background of the shoreline, leafs out beginning in March and flowers from May–June. Its inflorescences go to seed, becoming sere and turning red in the July heat. Finally by September, leaf-fall begins. The leaves have all fallen by late November.

2) Notice also the brief snowfall in November. This frame is intercalated from 2014 (we didn't get snow in 2015); I took the liberty to include it just to add to the contrast of the series.

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you can embed it like this

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Very neat. It reminds me of a natural community we have on the shores of Lake Champlain, so far away in Vermont: Limestone Bluff Cedar-Pine Forest. Though I'm sure most or all of the species are different. And... lake Champlain does not have tides!

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Neat. I am sure it is a lovely place.

The sedimentary rock founding Galiano is mostly sandstone—and yes I can imagine the communities are quite different, given the unusual maritime sub-climate here.

I grew up out East (not quite so far east, but in Ontario). One day I will return with new eyes to appreciate the ecosystems I took for granted growing up on the Niagara Escarpment.

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yeah, i grew up in California and now every time i go back i see it differently. Thugh not really in a positive light most of the time

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What camera? How many frames did you use? Do you have any other ones in the works?

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Nikon D-90. Only 14 frames (I wish I had more but lapsed on a few of the days I was out there and forgot to take the photo). I have quite a few subjects I revisited but not sure how many will make a good series...

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